Repair and Restoration


The Tower of Burghill Church

Church Repair and Restoration

We are part way through completing an important project which is divided into 3 Phases.

Phase 1-Tower repairs

Thanks to successful fundraising efforts and generous grants, the first phase which entailed repairing the tower roof and stonework to ensure the building was wind and waterproof and enable tower bell ringing to recommence after a temporary pause, was completed in July 2019 at a cost of £126,000.

Phase 2- Repairs to the Church porch.

This work entails the prevention of outward movement of the stone walling at its top, investigation and repairs to drains and repair to some timber frames with additional  restoration of the outer doors at an approximate cost of £20,000.

The porch is the only practical entrance to the church for members of the congregation and the community. This important work will ensure that members of the public will be able to continue to use the church building in the future as they do now and we will be able to progress to Phase 3, so ensuring that the building is better suited to wider community use.

Phase 3:  Provision of access for all.

We hope to include upgrading of existing toilet facilities to make them fit for disabled use, relocation of the existing kitchenette (which is currently adjacent to the toilet) to the rear of the Church and to create a community space in the north aisle by removal of some pews to enable additional, more informal services and wider community usage.